Surviving the School Holidays (Covid Edition!)

Surviving the School Holidays (Covid Edition!)

It's always a pleasure when that last school run arrives, we finally get a break from the manic rush of school runs and get to enjoy summer with our babies in some degree. Except this year that all went out the window for many families when Covid-19 arrived and sadly claimed many lives and changed all of our lives.
As a parent who adores spending time with my girls of 12, 8 and 6 years old this has been a challenging time, we've all been pushed to our limits finding ways to keep young ones entertained and consoling our older children that we're going to make it through this ok. It's been hard to get across the point that this is temporary when it feels like it's dragging on forever.
The summer holidays are normally a time when our daughters go 'Up North' to see their Grandparents, spend time with my family in Northamptonshire and time is spent on many day trips with friends and as a family. This year I find myself…

Toilet Training

This is quite a sensitive subject for our family. We took toilet training for granted, as a parent you know it’s going to happen and you know it’s going to be an interesting time with mess and accidents galore. I didn’t realise how much patience would be required!When we toilet trained our first daughter it was everything we had come to learn, there were accidents, lots of celebrating, days where we gave up – for her sanity and ours! I remember the reward charts and the treats and I remember the tears and tantrums over this new stage for our little girl. It was absolutely no easy feat but at no point did we ever consider that it was something we wouldn’t ever achieve.
Our second daughter arrived and our world was temporarily turned on its head, she was born with a birth defect that couldn’t be diagnosed whilst I was pregnant. So rare that only 1/5000 children are affected. It was a shock to say the least. We had to go to another hospital where she was put into intensive care and requir…

VE Day Celebrations 8-10 May 2020

"My dear friends, this is your hour."Winston Churchill on VE Day.
Had it not been for the lockdown due to Covid-19, this Friday, 8th May, we, like so many others around the country, would have been off out to help celebrate what is sure to be a memorable day for many, the 75th anniversary since the end of World War II (albeit Japan held out until 15th August before finally surrendering).
Instead of the mass gatherings and events planned to be held, not only to celebrate the historic day, but to also remember all those individuals who lost their lives fighting for the arrival of that day, people are being encouraged to hold their own family VE Day celebrations in their back gardens or outside the front of their homes, so that as a community we can come together to mark the day (whilst maintaining social distancing). 
There aren't many families that weren't affected by the war, my granny lost her brother in November 1943, but she also met her future husband, my grandfathe…

5 Tips For Settling Baby

5 Tips For Settling Baby I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked if I can be called upon if the little one won't settle. I thought I would put together some handy tips which might help all you new mummies and daddies get through those first few months with a newborn. I hope it helps.... 1) Swaddling It surprises me how many parents haven’t heard about swaddling, and don’t know how to do it. When you swaddle a baby it mimics the close feeling of being in the womb which making them feel all cosy and safe. Since their arms aren’t flapping about they tend  not to startle quite so easily, and therefore settle and drift into sleep much easier than being free! 
If you are unsure how to swaddle your baby then click HERE for a great video tutorial to show you how to swaddle your baby.
2) White noise Would you believe the womb is a really noisy place to be! With the sound of mummy's blood flow and everything going on outside of her body it’s really not much o…

Poses to Use in Your Pregnancy Photos

Poses to Use in Your Pregnancy Photos Ideas for poses to use in your pregnancy photos Getting ready for baby’s arrival?  Looking for a creative way to document your bump as your baby grows? 
With thousands of photos shot and hundreds of babies captured, I’ve learned the most popular poses for maternity photography – my clients love them! But whether you come into the studio or do them yourself at home, here are a few pose ideas that you could try in your pregnancy photos before your little one comes: #1. Photos with Family Members
Having a baby is undeniably exciting.

That’s why so many people decide to take images of their growing bump with their partner, other children or dog by their side.

This can be a beautiful way of capturing the connection between the family and will be a wonderful experience that you can remember forever.

#2. Hands on The Bump

This is a hugely popular baby bump pose!  Drawing attention to the belly and framed by the hands of you and your partner, this phot…

Introducing our all new Bump Casts!!

Introducing our all new Bump Casts!! I am so excited to finally be able to announce that Bump Casts are now available alongside my Bump, Newborn, Baby Club Packages.

A Bump cast is an amazing way of capturing your baby's first home. A bump cast is so unique to each mum & her baby. It's such a special and personal way to capture that fleeting moment of your pregnancy and gives you something you can treasure forever. ❤️ This is the ideal way to capture your pregnancy.  A cast of your ‘bump' is taken around 36-38 weeks, then during your little ones Newborn session, I gently place them back inside their own personal little bump bowl and capture this unforgettable image of how they fitted into your tummy - putting them back where it all started!! How amazing is that? When you come to view your newborn images you can then take your cast home with you and have it displayed in your home. What an amazing keepsake to show to your child as

he/she grows!

If you haven't …

Stress-free session

Stress-free session When it comes to family picture day, a lot of stress is typically associated with the days leading up to the session and the session itself. If you speak to anyone who has been for a session at Photo-times Photography they will tell you that I aim to have your session as stress-free, relaxed and fun as possible.

With being a family photographer, i'm here to help you relax and be prepared all at the same time, here are some handy tips for the lead up to your session at my Finedon photography studio.

1. Find the outfits you want to wear a month in advance and set them aside somewhere safe. Then try them on a week ahead of time to ensure everything still fits comfortably and that you didn’t miss any stains or holes that you couldn’t see until they were being worn (also bring a few spare options just incase there are any unexpected surprises). 
2. As soon as your family changes out of their chosen photo attire, make sure it is clean and ironed ready fo…